GMK Fuji Inspired Keyboard Bag Group Buy Now Live!

by From Scratch on February 28, 2021

Group Buy: 25th Feb to 1st April

GMK Fuji launches on March 1st, but we decided to launch it earlier with stand-in photos. Higher quality photos are coming soon.
GMK Tuzi Keyboard
Based on the beautiful keycap design made by Tom, we are proud to present the GMK Fuji bag.
This bag features the beautiful white, pastel gray and dark gray quilting. The inside of the bag is padded with a 1/4 inch foam, and then covered with a white waterproof canvas, allowing for great protection when carrying your mechanical keyboard around.

What was changed from the prototype?

GMK Fuji Mechanical Keyboard Bag
The prototype features two silver rivets on the top on the form of eyes, we however decided it was a better idea to leave the two clasps hidden on the bag, giving it a cleaner look.

Prototyping Process

We looked through two different design options, and whether people were going to be interested in either the darker or lighter gray, but we decided after votes on our Discord to go with the lighter gray.


We first chose the color of fabric, the lightest pink we could possibly find and was available to us in a Vinyl form. We considered going with fabric, but then there would be some texture differences when it came to the vinyl and fabric being together.

We then pieced our fabric colors together, making sure that it matched the prototype we were initially going for.

We then laid out our lining for our quilt and decided on the dark gray fabric stitching, which would make the most amount of sense in this case due to Fuji's legends.

Stitching completed, we can now go onto reassembling the bag block to see how it would look when we put the front together.

Thats it! We then go to make the actual bag by putting together the same stitching and fabric together.