Blue Splash Keyboard Cable - From Scratch
Blue Splash Keyboard Cable - From Scratch
Blue Splash Keyboard Cable - From Scratch
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    Blue Splash Keyboard Cable

    • Handmade
    • Reverse-sleeved coil
    • PET Double-sleeved
    • Colored GX16 Aviator
    • Shielded 24AWG wire
    • USB C to USB A
    • Device: Approximately 6" (14-15cm) Coil
    • Host: Approximately 5ft (1.5m)


    Our Story:

    We wanted to change the way that cables are being sold. We had a vision of making keyboard cables that are high-quality, affordable and readily available.

    Every cable is sleeved, wired and coiled by hand.

    We want to be transparent about our cables and how they are made. All cables are designed by our team in the United States and then we work in our facility in China to make them. All cables are handmade, and quality controlled both overseas and also by us when packaging.


    Compatibility Notice:

    Some keyboards have high power requirements. These keyboards include but are not limited to the Drop ALT/CTRL, DK63, and the Ducky One 2 Mini. We do not suggest using the cable (or any long cable) with these keyboards.

    This is due to the motherboard on most computers not being strong enough to power the keyboard at such a long distance. This is not an issue with our cables, and this will happen with nearly every cable you use at our length.

    If you are still interested in using coiled cables, we suggest going with a custom cable maker who can make the total length of the cable smaller. If you are still interested in using our cables, you can try to use a powered USB hub that plugs into the computer and an electrical outlet.