About Us
From Scratch was founded in 2021, but we initially worked previously selling locally to the community. We design and handmake bags, totes, keyboard bags and custom requests. We are only a team of two that work together to develop wonderful bags and keycaps delivered to your very door.
Our love for keyboards spawned in 2020, when we joined the Mechanical Keyboard community. We were impressed with the amount of keycap and keyboard offerings. However, after getting some customer keyboards, we thought... how do we carry these big things around? Well we now have the answer.
Ruby has been involved in different groups in the mechanical keyboard community. With the love of keyboards, she created the From Scratch website due to her love for everything that has to do with keyboards. Now, she also full time sews the bags to your specifications. Using the leading technology that sewing systems have to offer, we can make the perfect design for you.
With roots in software development, Method has been helping design, manage the website and Discord through his different automation systems. You can call him the software handyman! Method has also helped to create the new keycap line called Geoheart, and has also helped with sewing the bags.