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We are happy to welcome fully customizable keyboard bags now to the website, this means that you can email us and get a quote on a fully custom bag. 

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What makes your bags unique?

We make our bags from the beginning and work with you to design the mechanical keyboard bag you always wanted. Every bag uses commercial Marine Vinyl, which has been treated with UV coating to make it fade resistant. Our Canvas straps are also designed to be strong and heavy duty.

We saw that, although there was so many options for keycaps, cables and cases for custom mechanical keyboards, the keyboard bag market didn't offer that kind of customizability.

Our bags can be made to any keyboard size, and in any dimensions. We can make a custom matching pouch, or bag so you can store your keycaps or cables, and have a large range of vinyl colors to choose from so we can color match your keyboard aesthetic as best as possible.

As the design is handmade, hours goes into designing, prototyping and testing the bag to meet our standards. We want to make sure that we make the perfect bag that you will enjoy carrying around, or even just using it to store your keyboard. 

Keyboard Bag Design Considerations:

We've prototyped multiple designs and tested them to make sure they last a long time. Our padding is designed to cushion the keyboard from general dinks and scratches, or just as a nice storing piece to stack your keyboards together.

 We didn't go with zippers, since aluminum cases can rub on the size and cause damage, or jam overtime. We went with a two magnetic connectors to make sure the bag stays shut, no matter what. Our straps are double stitched to make sure they stay on and don't tear off with wear. The glue we use to keep designs down is permanent and washable, and used in bag making.

Our larger straps are removable, so if you feel like wanting to change the style, you can just order an extra strap from us, or get a small bag that clips onto your strap! There are over 150 options when it comes to colors, so you can guarantee it fits your setup.

Vinyl Color Options:

Premium Vinyl Options:

Off Shoulder/Cross Body Strap Customization      

Canvas Strap Color Options:

Clasp Options:

Your other parts of the strap will match this color, such as the clasp and loop, rivets, etc,  mismatching colors is possible but we must make sure your combination is available. There might be small differences when it comes to the clasps/loops/etc depending on availability.

Premium Clasp Options:

As this is significantly harder to find, please understand there will be an extra cost and extra delay as it is bought to order and might not be available. 

Keyboard Sizing

Please understand that we will not be performing refunds when it comes to you improperly measuring your keyboard, or incorrect dimensions. We can make your size of your keyboard but it will include some space at the top, and the sides to consider things such as a SA keycap set. When we start production, changes of the size can not be made.

Design Submission

We accept designs via email, we will match your keycap sets best possible. Please understand that some more advanced shapes will be hand cut, but we have cutters for circles/hearts/squares etc. We can also do a double-sided design. We suggest if you can, to fill out the following template:

Pricing Estimates

Tier Selection

Makes it easier to not get overwhelmed by options, if you are looking for an even more customized experience, please check out our advanced customization. Prices do not include shipping.