GMK Red Samurai Mechanical Keyboard Bag - FromScratch - Custom Mechanical Keyboard Bags
GMK Red Samurai Mechanical Keyboard Bag - FromScratch - Custom Mechanical Keyboard Bags
GMK Red Samurai Mechanical Keyboard Bag - FromScratch - Custom Mechanical Keyboard Bags
GMK Red Samurai Mechanical Keyboard Bag - FromScratch - Custom Mechanical Keyboard Bags

Bag Description:


Thank you Redsuns for helping me design this bag, and allowing for it to happen. 

  • Commercial Marine Vinyl - Thick and used for boat covers, treated to be fade resistant
  • Colors: Maroon, Gold- Khaki Stitching, Black Interior, and a Black strap.
  • NO ZIPPER Design - Feel safe that your keyboard will not be scratched or damaged placing it inside or removing it from the bag.
  • Over 1/4 inch premium foam padding
  • Waterproof Black interior
  • Cross Body and Top Strap Extensions available 
  • Matching Attachable pouch and Standard Pouch available with novelties on the set on the bags. 


Most of the pricing is actually in the time to make each bag, we don’t cut corners on when we are making it, so therefore each bag takes about 6-8 hours to make, so our output per day is approximately one bag. Many parts of the bag are tested to make sure they’re the same as our pictures, and if not, we redo them.

The outer casing is marine vinyl, typically known as boating tarp. We don’t use typical bag making vinyl as we saw it didn’t have the waterproof properties we liked in a bag nor the thickness. Marine vinyl is fold resistant up to approximately 200,000 times, and UV treated so it can withstand fading. It also offers a wide range of colors.

The middle consists of two pieces of padding, adding to over 1/4 of an inch of padding.

The inner lining is waterproof canvas, which is also lint free. This means that, unlike cotton interior, it will not generate lint from your keyboard rubbing against it, this also means your keyboard will not generate static overtime.

Rivets and clasps are made of high quality metal, electroplated, and coated to make sure it lasts a long time and have weathering resistance. Each metallic component has a thickness of 4mm, so it feels really thick and high quality. The large strap is removable so you can also replace it with other colors as you wish.

The bag has a no-zipper closure, so you don’t have to worry about a zipper scratching your keyboard. Each handle is secured with metal underneath with double stitching so they will not come out. Strap are all heavy duty soft-feeling nylon, with a breaking strength of 3800 pounds.
We're trying to achieve the highest quality that we possibly can with our bags, and we want to be known as the most premium mechanical keyboard bag tailor on the market. We want every person to feel like their bag was made with love, and we appreciate every person who lets us make a bag for them.


We know how important it is for you to keep your custom keyboard safe, so we make sure to fit our bags with premium materials. We use a thick amount of padding to make sure that your keyboard stays secure and helps with everyday use, and also helps with water resistance. The interior is also fitted with high quality waterproof canvas material, which is color matched to your bag.

You should feel safe when carrying around such expensive items, keyboards worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars should be handled with care, and rest assured that our bags are here to help you with that.


Strap Options:

Please understand that the straps are addons, and do not come with the bag unless specifically specified. If you do not buy the strap options, the rings will not come on the bag for that specific strap. For example, if you don't buy the Cross Body Strap, you will not get the rings on the side, and will not be able to attach our Cross Body Strap. We will be adding the straps as a separate extension so you can also choose other colors in the future.

Small Strap:

This strap is made as a handle for your keyboard out of canvas. Is is non removable. This is great for when you want to use a handle on your bag, and is made of heavy duty canvas, double stitched into the seam and secured with metal rivets.

Cross Body Shoulder Strap:

Carried more like a katana/quiver style with the keyboard going behind your back, designed for maximum aesthetics. It is both removable and adjustable. This is great for when you are going to be transporting your keyboard around, and also is a good idea for when you want to clip on a metal pouch and carry around other accessories too.


Matching Pouch:

The matching keyboard pouch allows for you to buy a pouch that is matched to your keyboard and your bag. You can use it as a pouch, to carry around your mouse or for your coiled USB cable. 

It is made from the same color marine vinyl, and it also includes a smaller matching version of your decal that comes on your keyboard bag. 

If you buy the clip-on version, we add a little clip so you can connect it to your cross body strap, which allows for you to carry everything you need securely and safely.